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Week of 11/14

This week was very productive for my project. I strat Ted the week by adding brass fitting to my 3D printed part. IT WORKS GREAT! The prototype helped me realize the holes for the brass fitting should be slightly larger than what I had it set to. I am very happy with how it looks, […]

Week of 11/7

This week was a shortened week, missing Tuesday and Friday. I successfully made a stl file of my toothbrush which allows me to model a an acoustic model around it. This project will take trial and error so hopefully it only takes a few iterations. The plan is to have an acrylic front so the […]

Week of 10/31

This week was a bit of a slow week for progress. After much trial and error of modeling the toothbrushes abstract shapes accurately, I decided to use a precise 3D scanner to model them. With my limited time in shop, I spent half of the week creating the models. Next week will be spent finding […]

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